Okay, so "color me" confused. Or surprised. Or something.

I got my Yeti SB-95 *last june* and have been supremely happy with it, even though it's pretty much made me a member of the "tire of the month" club.

Mine was received with "mixed" suspension - '12 Float RP23 Factory/Kashima shock and '13 34 Float 29 Factory CTD w/Trail adjust fork. 120mm fork.

Or so I thought. Assumed, Whatever. "spec" is 120mm. I never measured it.

I've ridden it mostly with the 20mm spacer (I measured it) removed (as of about a month after I got the bike) from the bottom of the air spring leg. Sure, the "120" mm limit was nice in the tight and twisties, but I have apparently spent too much time on my DH/FR bike to not want the longer travel mode. Plus I live in NE PA where rocks and roots are in abundance and the "low" BB of the SB is a factor.

So, this spring, I got it in my head that the 'tweener setting (130mm) would be a great mix, so just this past week when I was doing a lower leg service I popped a 10mm spacer in on the theory that it would be a great way to run.

So, tonight, I was getting all anal about setting sag and testing settings on the fork and on the new rear shock (that is a separate story yet to be documented) and I discovered that with a 10mm spacer in the fork I am getting up to 142mm of travel to bottom out.

I measured full-travel two ways. 1. set o-ring to top of lowers, release air spring and fully compress to hard-stop, inflate to normal, measure with calipers from top of lowers to o-ring. 2. set o-ring to top of lowers, ride off 2.5' ramp at speed to flat landing, measure top of lowers to o-ring with caliper.

In both cases I get a max travel of 142mm with the 10mm spacer in the fork.

In the static test I figured it was just because it was a zero-psi test that was invalid (case 1), with real PSI in there it would be impossible to compress to the same depth. But apparently I was wrong (case 2).

So this must mean that w/o the spacer that it's basically at 150mm travel fork.

Okay, so no wonder I felt a minor slack-ish-ness with no spacers.

"6 inch" fork on a 29er? Apparently I've "been there and done that."

So, how confused a I?

A lot.


Not really. The bike is a "giggle machine" - could be better for me, short of being 10# lighter with the same rigidity and durability and $$.

But to put the fork to "only" 130mm travel I need to put the 20mm spacer back in (in place of the 10mm).

You know.

The one it shipped with.


It was supposed to be 120mm as-shipped.

And yes, I'm REALLY SURE I put the 10mm spacer in the right place.

Life is wierd.

What I am I doing wrong?

I really should not post much after a few glasses of rum.