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    1100lbs or 1200lbs spring for 6.5x1.5 Fox Vanilla?

    Weighing in at 260lbs in gear, I bough a used bike with a 900lbs spring on a Fox Vanilla All the spring rate calculators put me in the high 1000lbs to low 1100lbs.

    I know the rear shock is outdated and I should probably move to an air shock but is there any place that still carries these in stock? I've called Fox directly about finding a NOS vanilla shock and they said none are available so I doubt they would have springs alone.

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    They'd be much more likely to have the spring than a NOS shock.

    Im not sure if you can find 1000+ lb springs from anyone, especially in that short size. How does the bike ride with the 900lb spring?

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    I'll call back about the spring alone. But at 900lbs it's just so squishy, just sitting on it and I've blow through 1/2 the travel. I've only had experience with Fox Floats so coil spring rear shocks are still a mystery.

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