Hi all

I got an '02 duke race, dual air fork. This last weekend, it began to make a nasty clunk when topping out. I got it apart and it turns out that the damping rod broke loose from the plasic piston. From the factory, it looks like nothing more than a press fit. I fixed it by de-greasing it, and hot gluing it back together. It feels solid, but dunno how long it will last. I shoulda used epoxy, but oh-well.

Being that this is a fairly old fork, my guess is that RockShox will not rebuild it, and parts will be scarce. Is that really the case?

Part two: I hear Hipppy Tech will rebuild, them, but a bud tells me that turn around time is around 4-6 weeks, which is too long for me to be without the gearie FS bike. Is that true? Also, what kind of prices am I looking at to do so. Are there any other outfits that rebuild RS forks?

Part 3: Anybody know if there any way to hack more travel out of this fork? 80mm is pretty short. I hear of other forks where you can hack more travel out of them by moving some spacers around or swapping a part or two. It seems that the sanctions are pretty long, like it would go to 100mm (in other words, it looks like it shares most of the same parts as the 100mm Duke). Basically, I don't have much cash lying around, or I would get a Reba and be done with it, but they ain't cheap.