Why a SRAM ring on an XT crank? Because I have an XT crank and want to run a 38T on my drivetrain.

Shimano 38T. Won't fit
Blackspire 38T. Won't fit.
Race Face. No 38T available.

I currently run 2x10 with 22T-36T chainrings and 11-36 cassette. I plan to switch to 3x10 22T-32T-38T. I like the idea of the closer ratio between the 32T and 38T. Now if I can only find a ring to fit on the outside mounting positioning on triple XT crank. BCD is the same 104, but mounting tolerances might be different.

Yes, I know the 22T is tiny so let's not discuss that or gear ratios and all that stuff. I just want to know if the 38T will fit on the triple XT crank spider, model M770.

Anyone tried this or know if it'll fit? Thanks