I just had my LBS install a new 2x10 XTR Drivetrain yesterday and I think the chain may be too tight? I've never owned a 2x10 so tell me if this is normal? On the stand and on the road when the chain is in the big ring(front & back) the chain clicks but more importantly when i freewheel the chain drops 4 rings in the back, connects to the top riding forward and drops back on freewheel. It does not do this on the small ring. I thought with 2x10 you should be able to hit all cogs from any front ring. Here is my set up

Blur XCc, 2x10 XTRr - 42/30 - 11/36, medium cage, shadow PLUS, SRAM PC-1091 chain.

Thanks, If you have any pics or video of the deraileur position on a proper setup, showing the full chain line that would be awesome (big, big), (big, small)