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    Shimano XT BR-M785 caliper-hose connector question

    Hey guys, I've got a question I haven't found any answer anywhere on the web. Can the bolt/connector of the caliper/hose on BR-M785 Shimano XT brake be loosen and change the angle of the hose (see the attached photo)? If so, will I need to bleed the brake again or not? Shimano XT BR-M785 caliper-hose connector question-2013-08-04-17.42.47.jpg

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    I have the same qustion at present. Did you ever get an answer?


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    Re: Shimano XT BR-M785 caliper-hose connector question

    Not speaking from experience, just an idea: Apply slight pressure to the brake lever as you loosen and reposition the banjo connector. Fluid may leak out, but no air will get sucked in. Be sure to top off the fluid. Of course if too much fluid leaks out then you WILL have to bleed.

    However, they are easy to bleed, and it's a good idea to replace the fluid every so often anyway. I never disassembled mine or did anything to get air in them. They just lost their mojo after a couple thousand miles. After bleeding they felt like new again.

    I used a small piece of plastic tubing I had lying around, & two 30 cc syringes that my wife's hormones come in (probably $1 for both at any compounding pharmacy). A proper bleed kit won't break the bank tho. Finish Line has the fluid in small quantities.

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    I adjusted both my front and rear on my new XTR trails with no problems.
    Just open the bolt as little as possible.
    As DennisF stated, some fluid will leak out but it's miniscule as long as you open the bolt very slightly, just enough to adjust the banjo.

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    The banjo bolt (which is what you are talking about here) has two 'O' ring seals on it, so you can loosen enough to move the position without any fluid leaking out, then re-tighten. If you press the brake lever while it's loose, you will likely force fluid past the 'O' rings - not a good idea - sorry Dennis.

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