I purchased an RD M985 SGS shadow plus rear derailuer a couple months ago and have recently noticed that the pivot points in the parallelogram has some slop in em. Shifting is fine, but this just seems kinda odd compared to how my oldschool XTR rear derailuers wore.

The trails around here are pretty rough though with rocks and roots everywhere, the RD is mounted on a Turner RFX and the chain still has some room to move on the big big combo at full bottom out. The cassette is an 11-36 XT and the crankset is a 26-38 XT double.

The RD has taken no direct hits, nor any that would bend the hanger so I doubt the slop is from impact damage.

So what are other peoples experiences with this RD and is some slop in the parallelogram pivots normal for this RD?