M960 XTR RD vs SLX?

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  • 05-18-2012
    Wasmachineman NL
    M960 XTR RD vs SLX?
    How does the SLX compare to the old XTR? Is Shadow worth it above RapidRise?
  • 05-24-2012
    IMO, no.
    I think shadow only makes sense if you stay on the larger cogs, otherwise its main body just gets in the way as with any other derailleur. And thatīs assuming you smash derailleurs often....not my case. But Iīm just guessing, never tried one actually, so....
    Anyway, just for the RR thing, and the weight I would pick a 960 xtr over a SLX anytime.
  • 05-24-2012
    I'm planning on upgrading to 10sp when the XT shadow+ comes out in the next month or so