I just got a new 10-speed XT DynaSys drivetrain a found out that my rear shifter no longer has instant release, unlike my 9-speed M770 XT shifters, so I now have to push & release to drop to smaller rings. Even though I occasionally had mis-shifts, I prefer instant release and I'm pretty irritated that Shimano removed it without any public notification of the fact.

The called Shimano and the support rep claimed my product is not defective and the lack of instant shift is intentional as returning to the push/release system will lead to better shifting. However, he somewhat reluctantly added they removed instant shift because they had complaints regarding unintended shifting due to instant release and fat thumbs. When I asked if this applied to XTR shifters as well, he said that instant release is no longer offered on any Shimano shifters.

Can anyone confirm Shimano no longer has instant release shifting (esp. for the rear derailleur) for their DynaSys system? I'm curious because Shimano still advertises on their site that the M980 XTR shifters have instant release and I might consider splurging for XTR shifters if they work like the old system.