Hey All,

Anyone have a problem with fork shudder/vibration with the dual material style rotors?

I had a bike with a Float 32 150 with XT wheels and centre lock XT rotors and had wicked fork vibrations at low speeds on the trail or pavement. I never really thought anything of it, in fact, thought it was the shitty headset. Ended up selling the bike.

I got a new bike with a VAN 36 180, and it came with Avid brakes (*gag*) with one piece 6-bolt rotors. No shudder/vibration issues, but I hated the brakes. I swapped to XT brakes with 6-bolt XT rotors. Suddenly the brake vibration/shudder is back! Swapped out to solid 6-bolt rotors and the vibration is gone!

WTF is up with the dual material rotors? I had a buddy that had to send them back when all the rivets came loose on him... Do these rotors just suck that bad, or what?