I'm about to build a new wheelset. I'm moving away from cartridge bearings. I prefer cup & cone I've learned. So lets not argue about that here or bash Shimano for their mistakes. Lets just get to the bottom of the answer.

What I'm interested in is whether there is any consensus on a definitive solution to the XT Freehub Problem. I've read every thread on this forum and extensively searched Google and there is 95% complaining and 5% advice without consensus.

So.... does anyone know if any these solutions actually work:

1) Undo the freehub bolt and the right cone & locknut and torque them properly?

2) Use blue loctite on the freehub bolt and blue, possibly even red, loctite on the cone & locknut?

3) Upgrade to the XTR 970/975/985 freehub body on the XT hub?

4) Get a complete XTR 970/975/985 hub?

5) Wait for Shimano replacement freehubs with different heat treating to hit the market?

And yes, I'm aware the SLX line in all steel is a workable option. But I'll be honest, there is a certain amount of "I want it to match the rest of the XT/XTR on my bike" going on here. Lol.