Cold weather and Shimano

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  • 01-18-2013
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    Cold weather and Shimano
    On my ride home in the AM it was 12 deg F and I had some shifting issues on my 3X10 XT shifters and XT derailer. It seemed to want to do half shifts in the lower (Larger 3 sprockets) gears. When climbing up some of the hills and shifting in that gear range my chain would hop between gears. I just had my bike in the shop and had them adjust the cable. I also noticed it some the other day in the hills (low teens and 1" power on trails). Is this normal for cold weather riding or is my chain getting worn out. I am a heavy Clyde and I have about 700 miles on this drive train.

  • 01-20-2013
    Lately my XT shifter has stopped shifting at the lower temps. Talking in the below 25 degree range. For example, if I'm in the middle chainring, the shifter levers will move freely both on an upshift or a downshift with no resulting action from the deraileur. After a while in the garage, things are back to shifting normally. Someone in a different thread told me this is a known behavior of these Shimano shifters. He said it is due to hardening of the grease inside the shifter due to the cold tempurature. His solution was to spray silicone into the mechanism to free things up. My bike is 7 months old with around 800 miles on it. Since this is the first winter it has been through, can't wait to see what happens next cold season. I'm going to the lbs where I bought the bike next week to see what they have to say about it. I've had no issues with the shifting of the rear deraileur.
  • 01-21-2013
    Just a thought if you're biking in below 30 deg f days it could be the cables are the problem not the shifter due to the fact that cables are metal and metal shrinks in the cold and could be causing the issue.
  • 01-23-2013
    Visited the lbs about my shifter issue. They say that over time the grease inside the shifter hardens, and in the cold, it is even worse. The small springs inside the shifter cannot push the mechanisms through the thinkened grease, resulting in the inability to shift.. The solution, at least to my problem, is to clean out the old grease and add new lubricant.
  • 01-25-2013
    White Lightening makes a product called Clean Streak. Spray that into the shifters and it should free up the small springs inside the shifters. Then every once and a while, spray some lube into the shifters and they should work fine.
  • 01-26-2013
    I remember my Ultegra shifters didn't work in the cold. Two different generations of Ultegra. I don't know if that's been solved.
  • 02-25-2013
    My riding group rolls year round in New England and the only shifting problems we ever encounter (rare) are if the derailleur gets a splash and freezes. Six of the eight use Shimano.