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    Who's Still Riding the Ace XC?

    I still have mine, I bought the frame only in 2009 and built the bike up from a mix of new and take-offs from my MTB. The only real issue I've had is breaking the pivot bolt closest to the bottom bracket, Pricepoint sent me a new one as soon as I got a hold of the right person. There has also been a popping sound that'll manifest when I'm climbing, it eventually turned into a popping/creaking combo. Instead of spending the big bucks and replacing the pivot bearings, I carefully removed the dust seals and packed the dry bearings full of grease. That seemed to have remedied the problem, for now. I've been very happy with the Ace, I looked at other bikes from time to time, but the Ace continues to suit me just fine. Maybe some new wheels are in order...

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    Still got mine. Still enjoy riding it, although lately I've been riding my hard tail a bit more.

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    I'm still riding mine. Just bought all new bearings for replacement in the next few weeks.
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    Older thread... but I dusted my Ace off earlier in the summer. Rebuilt the Monarch 3.3 and Tora 318... Slapped on a new 29" wide bar and shorter stem. It's too freakin hot to ride much in Lower Alabama right now, but I sneak a short trip in now and again either in the morning or late afternoon. Just bought a new set of tires and a headlight in anticipation of getting more miles in this Fall. Still a great ride for to type of riding I do.

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