• 02-29-2012
    Sette Carbon Razzo 29er XX review
    I'm a new owner of the Carbon Razzo SC XX version. After not finding a whole lot to read about the bike, I wrote up a pretty extensive review of the bike in 2 parts (part one, initial impressions, build, weights; part 2 riding with pics. It's on my blog: tahoesux.wordpress.com I know it's a shameless plug for my blog, but I have better editing control there. I also don't want to copy and paste several pages and pics.

    Enjoy. Feedback is appreciated too.

  • 02-29-2012

    MTBR won't let me post a link to the review till my 11th post. Here is number 10. Wait for it... :mad:
  • 02-29-2012
    OK here we go. Links!

    Part one- initial impressions, assembly, and real weight
    Sette Razzo XX Carbon 29er Review- Part one (initial impressions) Tahoe Sux

    Part two- ride review
    Sette Razzo XX Carbon 29er Review- Part Two- Riding Tahoe Sux
  • 03-01-2012
    Nice bike. I am in the market for a ht 29er . Will either go with Sette or direct from Chinese manufacturer. Can you list your parts spec? I like the idea of a lightweight bike and would like to know how you were able to achieve it. Thanks!!!

  • 03-01-2012
    It's completely stock except for the tires. Full SRAM XX. You can check out the build at Pricepoint.com
  • 03-08-2012
    Thanks for the great write up man! That was really professional. I'm currently looking at the Stumpy 29 Evo HT and Cannondale flash 1.0, but man the Sette Razzo SC X0 is starting to look really good too. I'm kinda thinking like you, if I don't like the frame I can swap the parts over to something else.

    Can you tell me how you like the stock wheels on the Razzo SC XX. Questions: 1. are the rims UST?, 2. spokes straigt pull?, 3. how do you like the hubs (POE)?, 4. Valve stem have removable core?

    Sette is really giving riders alot of bang for the buck. Great review!
  • 03-13-2012
    Nice bike, I just bought the Derro 2.0 and in the next year want a 29er... Sette has me sold so I think Im going with them for my 29er.... Cool blog and thanks for the pics.
  • 03-20-2012
    miles wadsworth
    Nice write up, thanks.
  • 08-01-2012
    Gator Bait
    Torque Specs
    Expecting delivery tomorrow of Sette Razzo SC 29 X9.

    Supposedly, the only assembly required is attachment of handlebar stem to steering tube, seat post and front wheel.

    Don't know if torque specs will be included for anything.

    Anyone know where to find torque specs for seat post and stem to tube?

  • 11-14-2012
    Okay- Here is my final update and long term review of the bike. I've logged over 2,000 miles on the Razzo SC XX in terrain from buttery smooth forest to super rocky. The bike has been great so far and I have no regrets. I'd definitely buy another Sette carbon bike.

    You can read my long-term review of the bike on our outdoor blog- tahoesux.com. Here is the link-

    Bike Review- Sette Razzo SC XX Long Term Review | Tahoe Sux

  • 11-15-2012
    Great review...real in-depth...should be the standard!
  • 01-24-2013
    Great review! Loving my Carbon Razzo 29er too!