Hey All...

Cross posting from the General forum, after posting up there, thought I should also check with my Clyde brothers (and sisters?) about their experiences....so here's the post. Thanks again for all that can help!


Looking to hear from anyone that has any experience with both pairs of these shoes...people who have had their hands on them, etc. I'm wondering what the major diff is between the two shoes, aside from the obvious?

I'm most interested in knowing which one has a stiffer sole? I'm having foot cramping problems, and research on MTBR leads me to believe that a stiffer-soled shoe will do the trick for me...further research points me to these two shoes as top competitors for my dollars, so wondering what feedback you guys can give.

Also, the SixSixOne is the same shoe as the Sette, correct? Will one have better construction/workmanship than the other, or are they both as well-made?

Thanks for any feedback you can all give!