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    Spectating Sea Otter XC

    What tips do you guys have for people who want to spectate the Cat 2 XC race, some of my family is making this race part of their vacation and would like to "watch" obviously XC racing isn't a great spectator sport but what advise do people have about location, etc.


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    Bring a backpack full of beer, a roll of TP, a cowbell, and a box of goldfish. And its always good to bring a garbage bag, it can be used as a wind/rain jacket, something dry to sit on, or actaully use for trash. Wear some comfy shoes that you don't mind getting dirty, there's alot of walking at the event, moslty in the dirt. Watch the weather and dress accordingly.
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    More Cowbell!

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    bring some PBR and donuts

    and camp out at the last climb out before entering the racetrack. Its a bit of a hike from the venue/infield but youll be able to see "your" racer and everyone LOVES donuts and beer after they've hammered for 2 hours.

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    Yeah, I was gonna say, the last climb out seems to be the spot where spectators cheer/heckle the riders. Bring lots of water, sunblock, a cowbell, and a sense of humor.

    The CAT2 race starts at 7AM, so you're probably looking at around 8:30 when the faster riders start coming up the hill.

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