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I kind of see that argument, but on the other hand I think it's common sense that an athlete needs a license to race.

Part of the one day license does go to insurance for race accidents. Not sure where it stops and starts though. Rolling coverage into the entry fee doesn't really work. Most riders have an annual license so they would be paying twice for those services.

I begrudgingly send my $50 to USAC every year for a race mechanics license, something I get zero return on. The insurance associated with it isn't enough to make me feel covered so I carry my own. All they ever do is send me emails looking for volunteers. I just roll it into the price of doing business.

If a race like Sea Otter decided to go rogue it would be a giant kick in the teeth for USAC. A race that size and with that much draw could definitely drive the point that USAC isn't doing much for these events or the riders that participat.
True, I get that. I was fully expecting the day license fee. I was more afraid that I was gonna have to plunk down $70 where the last 12 years I raced Sea Otter, it was just the day license. $10 is no big deal. It makes for a $75 ride to get my ass handed to me, but that isn't a huge amount of money. Now, if that one race suddenly cost me $135, then I would have pulled out and just watched. That would have been no longer worth it to me. As it is, I'm on the fence if I'll race next year for $75.

It's starting to feel more and more each year that Sea Otter holds me upside down by my ankles to shake the change out of my pockets. I mostly do it for the camping with my friends (especially the ones I only see once a year only at SOC), geeking out on bikes, seeing the festival, etc. I typically drop like $400-500 on the whole weekend with beer, food, soda, buying stuff I don't need at the fair, campsite, etc, and that is my one big bike related party for the year. The full year's USAC license fee on top of that might have pushed me over the limit.... at least for racing.