This post is dedicated to raising community awareness against a proposed 450 acre, 730 home, 400 apartment development in the Parker Flats area of the former Fort Ord Military Base called “Monterey Downs”. The proposed equestrian themed development is set to take place in one of the few remaining California Oak woodlands on the Central Coast. Monterey Downs promises to be an exclusionary mega-development that will be detrimental for all Fort Ord user groups, the surrounding community and the surrounding sensitive habitat areas.

The development is sponsored by a group of Southern California developers who have sparked community outrage for the past decade with plans for a coastal development in the Santa Barbara area.

The area around Fort Ord is already reeling from other failed developments such as the unfinished East Garrison housing project which completely destroyed another California Oak Woodland habitat that included 1,000 year old trees. (5,100 trees lost)

Most of the land in the proposed development is under the jurisdiction of Monterey County. It should be retained as habitat area in perpetuity for the good of all citizens, not just the benefit of a select few.

At least Forty-six different documented rare plants and animals exist in bordering BLM lands (where the Sea Otter Classic takes place), including the coast wallflower, marine chaparral, tiger salamander, fairy shrimp, and mountain lion.

If you are against this project, let your community leaders know about it, especially the Monterey County Board of Supervisors. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors.

This is not an Anti-Horse Group. We support everyone’s right to use the trails. This group is against an exclusive mega-development on Monterey County land that would restrict use for all groups and destroy sensitive irreplaceable habitat.

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Contact the Monterey County Board of Supervisors. Especially District 4 Supervisor Parker

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