This is my second year in Sea Otter XC race (amateur). Last year I posted my experience under the same heading (mostly "ugly"), this year here is my take:

The Good:
- More drink stations: 3 as opposed to 1 last year.
- More race officials and medical officials throughout the course.
- Free lunch!

The Bad:
After I finished the course, I saw this signs: "Free showers and towel are provided"; "Free massage". I was so excited especially after all the mud that I took, until I read the fine line: "Only for the Gran Fondo participants". What the f*%$ ........ They didnt even get dirty, man!!. So, I would suggest this to the organizer for next year: free shower/towel and free massages for all mountain bikers!

The Ugly:
Directions, directions, directions.
The volunteers have no clue where the staring lines are. I asked at least 4 volunteers in 4 different locations, they gave me a general directions, like: over there across the bridge; or: over there under the bridge (which one?...). One of the volunteer at least was very honest: I have no idea. So, for next year, make sure there is a training for all the volunteers and maps will be good to have for them.