2011 Sea Otter!?

So- at some point this weekend you will have raced, got some free schwag, saw all your favorite pro's, got some more free schwag, walked the expo like 1000 times.. But you keep thinking that something is missing, something is just not right.. You were so caught up in race results and who's sandbagging, what new carbon toy to drop $8k on, you might finally think to yourself.. "Dude, I was so busy that I forgot to party!"

DON'T let this happen to you!

Personally, I do not know of any planned after race events right now.. But if there is a big ass party somewhere in the making that YOU know of, let it be known! We locals love visitors of the bike kind, and would love for you to discard the lycra or maybe tape up your skinned knukles, spray lighter fluid on someones MGX tires and do the "firey flaming bike of death" trials event.. Ok, well maybe not too much lighter fluid.. But at least burn this mother down at some point.. Everyone loves a party..

I mean.. at least try to start a party by telling a guy he sucked at changing a tube.. Really, I kow a guy that still holds the 1:15 second record for the FTCC (flat tire changing contest).. and I still drank enough PBR to keep that company in business for at least another day in the process!


Thanks to everyone for making this event fun! I always take a little time to welcome everyone to Monterey, and I'm just a person that like to rides and have fun! While you're at it, take a look at "come for the race, stay for the party" Come for the race, stay for the party..
thread on my favorite places to stay, eat and visit on the peninsula and around the area-

Here's to another awesome Sea Otter Classic!

Have fun,