Major changes to the 2014 Sea Otter Cat 1 MTB course.

1) The Cat 1 MTB race will no longer be on Friday. (there will now be an Enduro on Friday)

2) Both the Cat 1 field and the Cat 2 field will race on Sunday morning. And both will do the same distance, 1 lap, 24 miles and approx 3,500 vert.

As a Cat 1 racer, I like that we won't have to race on a hot Friday afternoon anymore. BUT I don't want a shorter distance. Oh least everyone's favorite past time, i.e. picking out the Sea Otter Cat 2 sandbaggers will now be easier. LOL.

And it looks like the Pro's will be racing a harder course: 2 laps of the XC it looks (maybe a slightly modified XC lap, not sure). This I think is a good idea.

Anyway, the details are here: Subaru Sea Otter Classic - April 10-13, 2014 | Athlete Guide | Mountain Bike Races | SRAM Cross Country