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    29er Tire selection

    Hi all, so I am gearing up for the Sea Otter XC race and am stuck with some tire choices. I have usually been a big fan of WTB tires (LOVE the 26" Mutano, currently have 2.3 Exi's and like 'em) but have been hearing A LOT about Racing Ralphs on these forums. I am wondering which tire combo those of you who have ridden the Fort Ord course before would recommend. I am looking at the RR 2.4 front, 2.25 rear as one setup, or a Nano front and Vulpine rear. Thanks for any input, I did a few searches, but there was nothing focused on the Fort Ord area.

    I ride a 29er so tire choices are a little more limited. Hope to see a bunch of you at the race!

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    I ran what I had on my bike at the time - Bontrager Dry-X (now XDX I think?) 2.1 front, and Python 2.0 rear tire. They worked pretty good IMO.

    Trails were dry, though.

    I am currently running I believe a 2.25 RR on the front of my bike, tubed. It's pretty good for traction, rolling, and weight.

    I really like the Captain as a rear tire, unless you're going for really fast/light tires.

    My best set up for that was the Bonty Jones XR 1.8 front and rear. They look like cross tires! I didn't run them for an extended period (maybe 2 months?), but had no issues with durability.

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    Here ya go

    FWIW, here ya go, yet another opinion on the "best" tire set-up....
    I've raced a bit @ Ord on a 29er, and these would be amongst the tires I've got some experience with, and for the Sea Otter XC I'd consider racing on:

    Kenda SB 8
    Kenda Karma 1.9
    Stans Crow or Raven 9 [the 2.2 Raven could be THE tire for this race]
    WTB Nanoraptor - the Vulpine is lighter, but slower IMO
    Schwalbe RR 2.25

    Conti 2.2 Mtn King
    Schwalbe Little Albert

    I've used all these tubeless w/ Stan's with tire pressures below 30psi.

    Hope that helps, and that you're race goes well out there.

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    no python eh? I have been pretty happy with the rear python front wtb something or other but I think I am going to run pythons front and rear for the race

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