Spark Bob?

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  • 01-07-2013
    Spark Bob?
    I am considering a Scott Spark 2013 and I have read a few reports that stated when the suspension is not in the "lock" mode the rear end bob's considerably. Has anyone ridden this bike yet to comment? Yes all suspension is going to bob some; however it seemed what I read was over and above the normal. I currently ride a Ellsworth Evolve and it doesn't move that much under normal seated pedaling. How about some feedback?
  • 01-11-2013
    When I test ride one the bike felt great in the locked and trail modes. It did bob alot in the open mode. In the locked mode it didn't move.

  • 01-17-2013
    My 2013 Spark 930 doesn't move a mm when locked out. Trail mode doesn't "bob" every pedal stroke, but it gives when needed. I would never ride another bike without the twinlock. It's what every bike should automatically come with.
  • 01-18-2013
    Good to here some positive things about this shock after reading some reviews. I just put a deposit down this week on a spark 30 and my only concern with this bike is the rear shock. I currently ride an 08 epic with the brain which is pretty efficient. Just wondering if you leave it in traction mode for most riding other than descents?
  • 01-23-2013
    my 2012 spark 30 lives in "traction" most of it's life... for the ride out to the trailhead (blacktop) it's locked out... as soon as it's off a hard surface it's into traction... and yes, only when i descend does it go to "open". traction mode i certainly don't feel any energy-sapping "bob" while climbing in the saddle, it will if you stand up and go for it tho. the "reduced travel" "traction" mode is pretty sweet.

    i've considered on many occasion to remove the twinloc lever and manually adjust both fork and shock... simply because there is some occasions where i'd like the fork unlocked and the rear locked out... but, those times are far to infrequent to remove the convenience of being able to adjust on the fly... i often forget to unlock before i start a descent, so doing it on the fly so easily is pretty darn convenient