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    Bonking ... not feelin' well Spark 60 broke rear shock

    Hi all, I snapped the valve off the DTswiss shock on my 2012 Spark a couple months ago. I dont ride much so I was hoping for a cheap fix. A new valve is only $20, unfortunately the LBS said a special tool is required and the shock needed servicing etc. they wanted more $$$ then Im willing to spend.

    So my question, whats the best and cheapest way to go, do I repair this shock or replace it? Is a special tool really needed? It looks like a new valve would just screw right into the hole where the broken one came out 😐

    I see alot of people were replacing the DTswiss for Fox shocks, sounds sweet but I dont ride enough to justify the price. Maybe I could find a Fox for the right price or alteratvly, does anyone who's done the conversion have there old DT to sell?


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    I contacted DT Swiss asking if I could buy the valve directly from them, they are sending me new one at no cost, no mention of any special tools for install. Fingers crossed.

    I dont think I will going back to that bike shop

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