• 02-15-2013
    Should I buy a new '13 Spark 640 or....
    I know this is kinda silly posting this on a manufacturer specific thread but I figured people could be somewhat unbiased for a moment and let me know their thoughts. But I was looking at getting one of the two bikes in the title. Mostly for XC and trail with the occasional DH (I'm not a highly skilled DH rider so the level of my DH would be considered beginner). The Scott spark 640's twin lock system is cool to me as I always wanted a bike that I can adjust suspension on the fly. It also has a sleek and sexy design that I like. In comes the Yeti sb66 which needs no introduction and is just simply a sick bike. The switch technology is truly amazing and innovative to me. the Yeti is also a bit more durable but a thousand more bucks than the spark if I decide to go with the sb66 race alloy.

    I've seen Scott has had problems with the chainstays with the Spark '12 shearing off. Not sure if the '13 have address this problem. Similarly, the main problem with the Yeti sb66 '12 is a swing arm bearing problem. Supposedly it's been fixed with the '13. If anyone has some comments, weigh in!
  • 02-15-2013
    If you're riding primary XC I'd probably get the Scott.

    If you want something that excels at tech downhills, the the sb66 would be better.

    Both bikes crossover fairly well to the other realm, but the sb66 is a burlier bike with more travel.
  • 02-17-2013
    These two bikes are completely different. Scott spark is obviously XC/Trail while the Yeti SB66 is all mountain.

    If you do more XC/trail then the obvious choice is the Scott spark. Lighter and faster. The bikes geometry isn't meant for moderate fast paced technical downhill stuff although you can take it on downhill tracks you just won't have the confidence that you would on an all mountain bike with more travel.

    The all mountain is great for trail conditions that are much gnarlier with big rocks and semi big drops. With more weight, travel in suspension and a slightly slacker geometry one can ride all mountain downhill a lot quicker then an XC/trail bike. But it's weight and it's suspension will rob the rider of speed. But if this isn't an issue then all mountain is great for any trail.

    I would compare the Yeti SB66 with the Scott GENIUS LT. But it sounds like the obvious choice would be the Scott spark, unless you plan on doing more all mountain trails and don't mind not being first in time trials or races. (Unless you're doing enduro of course)