Scott Voltage FR

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  • 04-09-2013
    Here is a link to the picture of my bike as I cannot upload it to here (most likely because I am on a Linux computer so ah ha!)

    in Provo, Utah, United States - photo by austenselk - Pinkbike
  • 03-18-2014
    2014 Voltage FR Question
    I'm looking to replace my AM and DH bikes with a single bike. Currently I have a 170mm AM bike and a DH bike. I use the AM bike for all non-lift (2-3k ft climbing) riding, and the DH bike comes out for ski resort days. However, when I go on road trips I'm usually limited to one bike which causes me a dilemma. The past couple of trips I've put a dropper post, light tires and low gearing on my DH bike for trail oriented days and it hasn't worked out all that well. Previous to that I'd have a similar issue trying to turn the AM bike into a DH bike - the main problem being the BB would get too high and it's head tube makes adjustable headsets (which would solve the BB issue) a challenge.

    I was thinking of picking up a Voltage and two, possibly three shocks, while running 3 separate forks. From what I've read I think the 200FR/180RR setup will be fine for DH days, but it's the AM setup I'm concerned about. The official specs show a 73 degree seat tube angle, but pics I've seen make it appear slacker. What kind of climbing position and BB height can I expect with a 160/160 setup and a -1.5 angleset (I'd like to run a VP Varial)? The same basic question applies for a 140FR/130RR setup; does the 130mm option still exist on the '13/'14 models?

    Finally, is frame only an option? Both local shops I've called have said they'd check and get back to me, but there's been no follow through.