First post, I've tried searching but no luck...

Hpefully somebody can help me out, I'm back on the bike after a 12 month break following birth of my son!

I've got a new set of bearings for my Ransom.

Removing the shock linkage was straightforward but I am a little unsure how to extract the chainstay pivot bearings from above the bottom bracket.

Do I need to remove the crank and disconnect the front mech cable or is there an clever way to get these out and get the replacements in?

Also it looks like the chainstays are only attached to the pivot by the bolts on the outside of the pivot bar. Once removed, will the pivot bar just slide out - there doesnt appear to be a hex key?

If anyone has a Scott service manual or step by step instructions on how to do this it would really help me out - I've a pass out tomorrow and want to get the bike sorted this evening!