• 01-05-2013
    Scott in Dick's Sporting Goods
    I was poking around the Scott website when I decided to check if there was a shop anywhere closer to me than the last time I checked a few years ago. To my surprise the two big box sporting goods store locations on my town, Dick's Sporting Goods, were listed as dealers. Has anyone seen a Scott on the floor there?
  • 01-05-2013
    Not here in San Antonio TX
  • 01-06-2013
    None in South FL
  • 01-06-2013
    Not in Central FL
  • 01-06-2013
    Maybe they carry smaller cheaper items like scott accessories or clothing etc. Doubt they would carry full higher end bikes.
  • 01-06-2013
    This is my guess too. Dicks would carry the Scott snow goggles for example. Note that Scott Bikes has market restrictions, so even for the larger chains, the bikes are not available at all stores.

    For Example Scott is carried at REI, however they can only be purchased at about 50 locations out of the 120+ nationwide. As part of the agreement that REI has with Scott, bikes can ONLY be sent to those stores. The Specifics of this are outlined here: REI: Bike Brand Locator

    As for Dicks, Scott isn't listed on their website as a bike brand they carry.