If here is someone who represents SCOTT Sports I'd appreciate if you could tell me if parts for older bikes (like 2005-2006 models) are still available?

There is one and only dealer in my country and they cannot bring me bushings since December telling that they can't find them. Yet when I contacted them about a year ago for front triangle replacement, they brought me new piece (yet it took few month) in the box and seems to be sent from Europe. Not sure they ran conveyor to make one triangle and I assume there is a stock for certain items but 2 moth for bushings… I asked them also about rear triangle since there are seems to be little cracks developing and hardware kit but these went in vain at all.

What's killing me the most is inability to order stuff directly from company, only though dealers. I found some shops in UK who seemed to have parts I need but they don't sell them, only provide with the service and this is most disappointing.