• 12-07-2012
    New 700 Genius VS StumpJumper FSR 26"
    So I have a 2010 StumpJumper FSR 26" with the brain. I was thinking of upgreading to a 27.5" bike and I had my eye on the new 700 Genius. I really like the tight handing of my 26" FSR but I would like to have a bit more rollover. I have taking the 29er SJ for a test ride and I really don't like the geometry of them at all. it feel like I have going to flip over the bars at any time, and the hard tail SJ is even worse! So what would be the big differences with the two bikes? I never use the lock out on my SJ fork (because I am to lazy to reach down) and the rear shock as the brain so I don't need to on the back, so it would be cool to try going up hills in full lockout.

    This is the bike I have now Specialized Bicycle Components
  • 03-18-2013
  • 03-20-2013
    Test rode the 27.5 and liked the roller over factor but did not like the slow handling or getting up to speed for that matter. Still preferred my 26er but I have yet to ride a 29er though...