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    Fair price for a 2011 Scott Scale Elite

    I am looking at a 2011 Scott Scale Elite. It is in like new condition the guy only rode it 5 times for 84 easy miles. He wants $1000 for it. says it should sell for around $750, it had a retail of $1600. Any suggestions on what it should be worth? Are the blue book prices accurate? Thanks.

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    I'd kinda lean towards 750, but maybe a lil higher due to condition.

    If the thing looks really brand new then keep than in mind when comparing it to an on the LBS floor bike.

    Also if u do get it, pull the lowers off to make sure there is good clean oil in there.
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    Thanks Zephxii. The bike looks brand new other than the normal rub marks on the cranks. I will have to see how much the guy will deal. Thanks.

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