I just bought a dropper post (9point8, black fridday deal), and am a little unsure about where I think the cable should go. I just installed it last night running the cable and housing down from the seat post (cable attaches to the dropper post head), down the seat tube, under the bottom bracket, around the left side of the stem to the right grip/handle (twinlock on left).

But the cable attaches to the head of the post, so there's some cable bowing... and I can't seem to not have this happen underneath the bottom bracket. Intuitively, this seems like it's a problem (catching on rocks/trees/stuff when I have the post down).

Can people share where they routed the cable with pictures and how and where they secured it? I assume the top tube is a better option, but how do I route it around the stem if I want it to end on the right grip?