Just wondering if any one has had seat time on both bikes. I currently have a carbon flash with some basic mods that brought the weight down to 19lbs (mostly x9 and XT build). It is extremely light for the money I have into it.

My gripes with it so far is the lack of servicing the lefty. I have to buy parts to have the front wheels trued, and the handling is a bit to fast at times.

I did take a scale RC out for 10-15 min and I loved how the slacker head angle felt, admittedly a bit slower then I liked but that could be changed up a bit. One concern I had was, I was feeling so confident in the front grip that it suddenly washed out on me. I think I was using to much steering angle.

One huge plus is the part spec on the Scott for the money is awesome. A 2014 RC would be all I needed except for a better wheel set.

I know these will be Scott biased but I would like to hear if any one has owned or had decent time on both.