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    29'er - Spark Pro vs. Scale Pro

    So which is it. I've been a hardtail guy forever and am thinking about the plushness of a FS for some of those really rocky races. I got a little beatup last year on some rough stuff so I'm thinking a FS can help the fatigue and help my performance. Then again I love the hardtail's efficiency and I don't mind getting beatup a little. There are 2 races in my mind from last year where I had to completely turn down the power to save my back from exploding. There are a couple others that I think I would have benefited from if I had the FS. Is the Nude2 shock anywhere near as good as the RP23? Should I just suck it up and race the HT and enjoy the efficiency and take a little beating? Or get the FS and unlock it for the bumpy stuff and use the reduced travel/lockout for the rest of the good stuff? What would you do? Both have similar components so that's not really an issue.

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    The Scale's SDS seatstays do an excellent job of damping trail chatter. That said, it is still a hardtail. I have a bad back but I love my Scale, even after 78 miles at the Park City Point 2 Point.

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    Have you made any upgrades from Stock with your Scale?

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    I run different wheels. Chris King hubs/DT Swiss Supercomp Spokes/Arch (rear) and 355 (front). Tires are Schwalbe Rocket Ron front and Maxxis Aspen rear. I am also using Ergon GS1 Leichtbau grips. The bike comes in at 20lbs 14ozs with two carbon bottle cages and a mounted pump. I dream of putting an ENVE wheelset on there but I'll need to win the lottery first.

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