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    XX1 Chainring Size for Bronson

    I am fixing to order a Bronson and am trying to decide which chainring to buy for XX1. I am debating between 32 and 30 tooth. I would prefer the 30 tooth ratio wise. Will the bike pedal well with 30 tooth or would I be better with the 32?


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    From my experience, VPP rides better with a "bigger middle ring". If your legs require you to ride a 30T, that's going to by your solution, but a 32T is going to give a lot more ring options and replacements later down the road. You can also modify your final gear ratio with the cassette range you choose.

    The XX1 offers a lot of options in versatility as long as you set it up correctly.
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    XX1 Chainring Size for Bronson

    I ride a 30t on my 29er. Unless you have ridiculously steep hills, I would think that the 32t would be a better bet.

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    Agree, atleast LT2 pedals clearly worse with smaller ring than 32, guess vpp is designed to work as best at 32-38 ring etc.. Maybe 30 is still ~ok but wouldn't compromise if you have 42 on back..

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    This sorta should go without saying, but it depends on the terrain you ride, what climbing gears you currently use, and whether you are willing to sacrifice some top end for lower gears. With a quick search you can find gear calculators so you can compare gear inches.

    Luckily the xx1 rings are not too expensive (relatively), and they are easy to swap. So for example you can run a 32 for most terrain and swap it for a 30 if you're looking at a particularly nasty day.

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