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Thread: Wolftooth 42/32

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    Wolftooth 42/32

    I have a Tallboy LTC with all XT. I am pretty much completely happy with everything about it but wonder if I might benefit from upgrading to a 42 in the rear and go with just a 32 in the front. I live in Central PA and do quite a bit of climbing. Usually about 1500 feet per 5 miles and I also travel a lot and ride as many places as I can. I was able to hit Fruita, Gooseberry Mesa, Bootleg Canyon and Presott and Sedona all in a 3 week trip. I am not unhappy at all with the XT 2x10 with the 11/36 in the rear and the 40/28 in the front, but being a professional photographer and hauling a lot of extra gear, I am thinking that a little more granny would be good and cut down a little weight. Just curious how others have taken to the Wolftooth setup. I don't want to spend a ton of money on getting a 1x11 setup.

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    32/42 gear ratio isn't any easier than 28/36. I have 1x11 setup with 30 upfront. Most of the time I don't need the great granny gear (42) but it's nice to know I have it when I get fatigued.
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    I'd probably go with a 30T up front, especially given that you're on a 29er. I don't think you'll spin out 30/11 very often.

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    You might be okay in PA w/ the lower elevation using a 32T ring, but I run a 26T WT DM NW ring on my TB LTc here in the foothills of Denver. Every ride here has been over 2500 ft climbing, at 5500+ ft elevation. When I go above 10K ft, I often wish I had a 44T big cog out back.
    I did a 2x10 XT/XTR conversion to a 1x10 for a little Blur LTc. Here's my parts list:
    - WT DM NW ring 28T to X01 crankset
    - WT 42T cog
    - XT 16T 4th position cog (yes, a real XT 10spd one)
    - XT 11-36 cassette
    - XTR GS rear mech w/ OneUp RAD outer cage plate
    - XTR rear only shiftie.
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