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    What weight fork and shock oil for Bronson

    Did Santa Cruz specify a different oil weight for the fork and shock for the Bronson. If they did, what weight do they use? The reason I am asking is because I recently had my fork and shock serviced and the rebound speed changed from before even though i set them exactly like it was pre service. As per the tech that worked on my suspension, he used 7.5wt for the fork and 10wt for the rear shock. The only reason I could think of is if they used a different weight oil than what was originally in there. My previous settings were 8 clicks on the fork and 9 clicks on the shock, now I am running them at 5 and 5 respectively.


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    Is your air pressure/PSI the same now as it was prior to the service?
    I'd check that first.
    Not all shock pumps read accurately, so unless you used your shock pump to set it to your required PSI after the service, you won't know what the actual PSI is.
    Rebound and air spring pressure play closely together.
    AFAIK, Santa Cruz just follows the suspension manufacturer's care and feeding guidelines for suspension maintenance.

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    what fork and shock?

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