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    Is it time for a new Bullit?

    Wow, all the new single pivot bikes as of late. How a about a new Bullit? Maybe slacker than the 04 Bullit I currently ride at Whistler. A littler lower, perhaps more of a park bike. It would fill a gap in their lineup. Wishful thinking I am sure.

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    They do have a hole in their line up, but I don't think people are buying 180mm bikes like they used to. Modern 6" bikes are really capable. A more affordable downhill bike might have a place though. I can't imagine there are a lot of people buying $3500 V10 frames.

    The Driver 8 was kinda cool but IIRC it had no provision for a front derailleur and 203mm rear travel. Maybe if it had been a pedal-able park bike with 180mm. Single pivot like the Bullit would knock the price down even more.

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    Re: Is it time for a new Bullit?

    The bullit definitely needs to come back! The geometry was fine. It doesn't need to be a park bike. Nomads and v10's can do shuttle runs. The Bullit needs to stay straight up north shore back country freeride. Pedal up and big drop on the way back. The beauty of it was you could build a 7" travel big bike under 30#. I can ride my tech loop that's pedaly and still do the drops.

    The most recent rendition of the Bullit needs to come back.

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    Yes, a new Bullit or a Super 8.
    Cheaper DH/park bike
    Heck Yeah!!!

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