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Thread: Tallboy XC

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    Tallboy XC

    New build on the way can't make my mind up on front forks Fox Talas 90-120mm or Rockshox what have you guys fitted.

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    As a "not a fan" of adjustable travel forks.....I say go with something 120mm. Low bottom bracket means lots of pedal strikes, even at 120mm. Going 90/100mm is just too short.

    The bike will still climb really well at 120. If is really really steep, you might need to add a bit of body english into it...but it really brings the bike alive on the downs.

    Personally, I am a RS I would look at Revelation/SID/Pike...they are all available in 120mm.
    I crashed hard enough on my Tallboy to break my leg,
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    Rockshox Revelation 120mm is the perfect choice for a Tallboy.

    And it's a front fork (no "s"). Last I checked, there's only one up there.

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    I've got a 120 pike on mine that has exceeded my expectations thus far. Highly recommended.

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    I got a 140 mm Float 32 CTK Kashima on the way... will try it as so with a little bit sag (30%) will try it in this configuration... can't wait for it to arrive in the mail... =)

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    I'm running a 120 mm Rockshox Reba. Works great and the bike is still very nimble. I have yet to hit any steep climbs with it as it's quite flat where I live so I won't comment on climbing.

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