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    Tallboy pricing - Looking for buying advice on nos '14 TB c

    Hey there everyone, just looking for a quick sense check. In the market for a FS 29er for XC and general trail riding.

    Local shop has a new-old-stock 2014 Tallboy C in what I think is the SPX XC build (mostly XT). Only odd bit was a Fox 34 fork, I thought they all came with 120mm 32s. Didn't realize the 34 was odd until I got home and started googling.

    Loved the bike, and most importantly fit was good (XXL, I'm just barely over 6'5"). It is in mint shape, sat in a box for a year.

    $5300 Canadian /$4400 US sound about right for this bike? Shop said new this bike was $6100 CAD. This means the shop is offering about a 13% discount, was hoping for more of a discount (15-20%) since it is a year old and an odd size. Any thoughts?

    By the way Blue book shows $5500 US for the 2014, SC website shows $5500 for the 2015 XT build. Maybe I'm just getting hit with the current exchange rate compared to what they originally paid for it in 2014.

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    That's a great price especially with the 34 Fox and the way I see it in US dollars its a 20% discount as it was a 5499 build bike when new.

    The biggest thing though is it fit you and you liked it. Do you really think you'll find a better spec carbon bike for 5300cad/4400usd? Worst case is offer to buy it cash for a few hundred less and see what they say.

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    I owned one and tried the Fox 34, great addition . Is the Fox a 140mm travel as that was too much for that bike . it can be set at 130mm though. The price seems good.

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    seems like a good price to me, I just bought a Tallboy C non LT a few months back. I too purchased an XXL (I'm 6'4") and i paid about the same. I absolutely love the bike.

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