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    Tallboy 2 Sizing for 6'-2" Rider & Stem Length?

    I just finished a demo on a Large Tallboy 2 Carbon with Enve XC wheels and it ripped. I am coming from a Large Mach 429a. I am 6'-2" 190lbs with gear and have a 33" inseam. The Large I rode had a 90mm stem which seemed to fit fine but the bike was a bit skittish at high speed. My current Mach 429a has a 75mm stem with 720mm bars and that is the shortest I can go on a bike with a ETT of 24.75". Below are the equivalents based on the setup I have now with the Mach 429a.

    Would you go Large with a 90mm stem or XL with a 65mm stem?

    Large Pivot Mach 429 with 75mm stem + 24.75 ETT = 703.65mm
    Large Tallboy 2 with 90mm stem + 24.1 ETT = 702.14mm
    XL Tallboy 2 with 65mm stem + 25.1 ETT = 702.54mm

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    I am 6'2" with a Tallboy LTc in XL. I run a 70mm stem and really like the way it fits. Not skittish at all, though it is a slacker HT angle than the regular TB. I think if you go with the large, you will want a longer stem for sure, so it just depends on what you like. Sounds like you are in to short stems and wide bars, so I'd go XL. Obviously that's just me though since that is indeed what I did.

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    I've been riding an XL TBC1 for a couple years...tried different stems and bars. Settled on a 70mm X4 stem and the 740mm Thomson carbon bars. I'm 6'2"'ish but have long legs and even longer arms.


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    I am 6'0" with really long reach so I fit about the same as you. (I ride a 61cm road bike with a 100mm stem, that long.)

    I think the weight distribution is going to be better for trail riding with the XL and shorter stem. Unless you do something fairly radical to the bike to affect the mechanical trail, like change the fork or use an angled headset, the only way to make the bike more stable at speed is to change your weight distribution.

    However, one thing to look out for is that you have enough seatpost exposed to use a dropper if ever want one, especially if you're going for 4"+ drop. This would be my concern about an XL, although since you're 6'2", you could be fine.

    I do think it's a very good idea to consider a large with shorter stem and wider bars, but if you ride in the woods 30" wide bars can be really annoying. Personally, I might take that annoyance if it meant I could use a longer dropper post. If you don't ride narrow trails in the trees, no worries.

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    I'm 6'2" with long legs and arms.
    I had a tallboy and I now have an LTc
    I run both in size XL with a 70 mm stem.
    That fits the bill for me

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    I'm 5'10"

    Ride a TB2 large w/70mm stem.
    Fits perfectly.

    At 6'2", I'd think that the Large would be too small.
    Trek Fuel EX 9.8

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    The widest bar I can use on my local trails is about 720mm. I am going to test ride the Large Tallboy Carbon again in the morning. I am thinking XL with 65-70mm stem at the moment. It seems I am right in the middle of the suggested sizing for the XL frame.

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    XL with 60 or 70mm stem

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    Deff. an XL, there is very little diff. except for TT and a bit of seat tube. I'd guess an XL with 70mm stem. Yes I have owned a TBc and TBLTc in a large size and I am 5'11".

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckb77 View Post
    Not skittish at all, though it is a slacker HT angle than the regular TB.
    OP should read this comment several times. The handling may be a function only of the TB2's geometry - maybe consider a TB LT?

    Wheelbase will lengthen between the L & XL, which should make the bike slightly more stable, but I don't think messing with stem/bar combos is the right place to start

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    I have not test ridden a XL Tallboy 2 with a 70mm stem, but I am almost to the point where I think a 90mm stem and a 1" shorter wheelbase would be a better choice on the Tallboy 2. If you go to the XL Tallboy 2 the wheelbase goes from 44" to 45". This seems to be the strategy with the Ibis Ripley as well where they are shooting for a 90mm stem and a shorter wheelbase to keep the bike more maneuverable. I also think using a longer stem will keep the weight distribution more even allowing the front tire to bite harder into corners.

    Also, I did another 1hr ride with the L Tallboy 2 and it turns on a dime compared to my L Pivot 429 with a 75mm stem and 45" wheelbase.

    Post in Ibis Forum Regarding Ripley Stem Length:
    Here's an pm I received from Hans that pertains to the OP's question. Hopefully Hans won't mind the quote since it's helping someone choose a proper size.

    "Hi Alan,
    We were just talking about this the other day... The bike is amazing with a 9 cm stem. The front center is long enough that you still feel confident and secure (that's why people run short stems in the first place), but the ergonomics are better with the 9. You get more power and better cornering. I find it easier to ride up AND down the hills. I would recommend it without hesitation. It should actually fit pretty close to the large set up you rode, but be a little more nimble around the switchbacks etc. with the wheelbase of the medium.
    Take care,

    BikeRadar Review Regarding Ripley Stem Length:
    Ibis Ripley 29 - BikeRadar

    "Part of the reason the Ripley handles so well is that is has a short wheelbase for a 29er with that much travel," said Nicol. "You can't do that with a super-long top tube so you have to use a slightly longer stem than is currently fashionable.

    "A lot of people think they like a short stem for handling but we don't necessarily agree. We think they like them for the feeling of confidence that they're not going to go over the bars when on the steeps.

    "And we also think that's old news for a couple of reasons. One, a 120mm travel 29er fork and wheel is really long, so the fulcrum for going over the bars is much further forward than it was before. So you don't need a short stem to feel like you're behind it. Second, dropper posts have lowered your center of gravity while descending, further increasing your confidence that you're not going to go over the bars."
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