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    Tallboy 2 or LT for East Coast

    Hey folks,

    Wondering if anybody has any suggestions for the type of tallboy to get for all mountain riding on the east coast. I like the nimble feel of the tallboy but would the lt be more suited to the rocky/rooty riding of the east coast?

    Thanks in advance

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    Haven't ridden the TB2 but I did demo the TBLTc. I was surprised how more nimble and agile the TBLTc was compared to my current 4" 29er (Kona Hei Hei). If you don't race I would think the TBLTc would be the absolute way to go. I could even see racing one if light enough.

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    Tallboy 2 or LT for East Coast

    Up in southern NH/Mass you could certainly get away with a shorter travel bike but I have a 100mm FS 29er bike now, and I wish I had more. There is such a variety of trails around here that the LT seems like a better choice.

    I demoed an LTc for a whole day, and completely fell in love. It did everything that my bike did, and better. You can rip at Harold Parker and at Franklin Falls. Heck, with the right build, you could take some flowy trails at Highland.

    But your mileage may vary.

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    I went from a TBa to a TB LTc in NY area and never looked back. The TBa was an amazing bike but at times I wished I had just a little bit more travel. Moved to the LTc, climbing is basically the same but point it down and it's another story. The LTc is more confidence inspiring and a more fun bike.

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    I don't ride on the East Coast but I certainly ride rocky knarly trails and I went from the TBc to the TBLTc and its perfect for more forgiving easy riding rig for the Moab/ Fruita trails. The head angle and the higher BB make for a great ride all around.

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    The Tallboy 2 ships with a 120 mm fork, which has slackened the head angle a bit. I ride a Superlight 29er in the Boston area with a 100 mm fork. I never use up all the rear suspension, but wish I had sprung for the RXC build with 120 mm fork, since I use all the front at 100 mm and I find the head angle a little steep for the type of riding I do.

    Santa Cruz was demoing in New England this month, now is demoing in New York. I went to a couple of the demos. They had Tallboys (not 2nd gen) and Tallboy LTs. I don't know where you live, but nothing like riding them back to back on the same day to help with your decision. I demoed a Blur Tr and a Bronson, since I already owned a 29er, trying to decide if I want a Solo for my next bike or stay with a 29er. No Solos to demo, unfortunately.

    The other consideration is I think Santa Cruz will release some sort of new long travel 29er in the spring. Either the next generation Tallboy LT or something with even more travel. Specialized broke some new ground with the their 29er enduro model, I suspect Santa Cruz will respond, so if you decide on LT you may want to wait and see what happens around April 1st.

    I think you will be more than happy with whichever one you choose.

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    Grew up in CT, live in BKLYN and ride the Kingdom Trails every month. I have a Honzo but my dad has a Tallboy.

    My Honzo is pretty slack, and coming off an old Fisher 29er I notice that it's a little more to handle on very tight trails in the Kingdom like River Run and Pastore Point (if you have not ridden in east burke, do it!!!.) But the stability of the bike and having 140mm up front is a blast. I'm also 6 foot 5 so everything about my bike is big!

    My dad is 58 years old and rides more conservatively on his Tallboy, but the bike handles everything well.

    With that said I'd go big or go home. The LT will let you tackle new terrain. Having demo'd both an LT and a regular tallboy in Austin, I found both to be equally fun with the LT being more forgiving and able to handle bigger hits, with little sacrifice in agility.

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    Have you made a choice? I find myself in a similar boat - except on the west coast (SF Bay area). I was looking at Stumpjumpers and Trek Fuel EX and I ran out of bikes to demo one day so I tried a TBLTc. I loved it but it is out of my budget. Now I find myself considering a TB2 R XC and an LT R AM both in aluminum which makes them very similarly priced.

    I have ridden a Specialized EPIC that past 7 years and like it but find the 100mm front travel insufficient at times and I'm not a fan of the brain.

    I'm leaning toward the TB2 since it matches my riding choices (mostly XC), but haven't been able to demo it. The LT, however, sounds nice since it is closer to the LTc I was able to demo.

    The good news is they are all great choices.

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    If the lt won't be a liability on the east coast, then get it and you'll be well equipped if you want to take a trip somewhere else.

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