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    Is a S/H Nomad too much of a risk? Would a Lappiere Spicy be a better bet?

    Hey all

    Debating purchasing a second hand Nomad. MK1 (I think) but later 1.5mm head tube. I keep reading about frame failures, mainly around the pivot point on the top tube (both medium and large frames) and some failures with the rear swing arm. It really does sound like a bike that excels in the downhill aspects of AM whilst still being able to pedal, but frame failure and no warranty on what is still an expensive purchase is a worry.

    Also looking at Lappiere's Spicy, so can't decide on what the best bet is. Can't find much about Spicy ailures however my feeling is there are more aggressive riders (gaps / drops and general alpine descents) using the Nomad. My thought (may e an incorrect assumption) is that the Spicy owners are likely more into the trail side of things. I would live to see pics of people going big on them though.

    Currently own an Intese Uzzi, built light ish with Totem air and a Cove G Spot again built light ish with Talas 36's, Thomson kit, etc. Both bikes have been pretty bombproof but I'm wanting a bike in the middle that is a little longer, lower and faster on the descents.

    All input welcome guys, thanks.
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    I think I'm most impressed by the fact that you've only made 11 posts in 6-1/2 years!

    I don't know much about the Lappiere bikes, so I can't offer any input on it other than the fact that a warranty is a very reassuring thing. Are there other bikes in their lineup that might be better suited for you? Have you looked at Fezzari?

    The thing with the Nomad is that, well . . . an MK1 is old. And while many many bikes last for years and years, its really hard to say without knowing how badly a bike has been abused/thrashed and cared for. Personally, if I were on a budget, I'd opt for something new. If you blow your cash on a used frame and then it fails . . .

    If budget were NOT an issue, OR you are patient (as I see you're in UK), you might wait a bit to see if there are many current gen Nomad riders who switch to a Bronson. I have a suspicion that there's going to be a flush of used Nomad frames in the next few months.
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    Lol, yes indeed, more a reader than a poster and in fairness had a long time away from the scene due to injury, etc.

    Good call on the Bronson influx, you could well be right there. Regarding patience though that could be an issue.

    I do hear what you are saying re S/H and not knowing how the previous owner has treated, a bit like buying a car though, condition will provide a picture only so could get bitten and take the financial benefit out of going the S/H route.

    Reasons behind not buying new, well I've sunk c.£8k into the two bikes I have currently and probably will just about scrape £2k back between them. Lost track of the amount I've spent on prior bikes, I know this is all part and parcel of the sport though, but my priorities have changed somewhat now and i will still not get to ride as often as i would like. that said, i'd still like to have a nice and capable steed. . I'm lucky to have owned the Intense and Cove and would therefore be a but gutted if I sold them and the replacement wasn't a good enough contender but I feel it's time for a change . Will check out the Fezzari's, i must admit i'md not heard of them before. Cheers for the input buddy, appreciate it.

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