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    Quick question: Avid Codes or Hope Moto V2 for my Bullit?

    I can't decide what brakes to put on my Bullit. Both have good reviews. I have to make a decision soon because only one bike shop here has the Hope Moto V2s and they have one pair left. Same story with the Avid Codes, which another bike shop will have in stock soon and is on the opposite side of town from the first shop. They also want me to make a deposit if I want to reserve the Codes.

    I like the Hopes because I had one one my bike before but I don't see a lot of spare parts around for it where I live. Would that be a problem or are the Hopes really bombproof? On the other hand, I see lots of Avid parts (levers, pads, etc) but I have no experience with them.

    So given my situation, which would you choose? Thanks.


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    Hope. Damn fine brakes, I'm saving up for the Moto6 at the mo. Not that Avid are bad...far from it! But you just can't beat the beautifully crafted detail.... serious bling!

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    never ridden the Hopes have two sets of codes the five and the code both are powerfull and have plenty of feel. The codes with 203mm disk are eye popping powerfull :-)

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