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    Nomad rear shock question

    Hey quick question for you guys. If you put a 8.75x2.75 shock on the nomad would it completely screw everything up? Has anyone tried before?
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    Sorry for the hijack but I have a similar question -

    Would it be possible to run a 7.875 x 2.25 shock to lower BB and slacken HA a bit without any frame interference or other issues?
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    The Nomad will run an 8.75 shock...some even came that way from SC. I probably wouldn't run anything less than a 170mm fork with it personally.

    I don't know anyone who's run a 7.875 shock on a Nomad. I'm pretty sure you'd smack your cranks so badly it would be unrideable. The Nomad doesn't have a shock shuttle or other feature to make up for some of difference like a Bullit does.

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