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    Nomad C and CC colours

    Looks like no more aluminium nomads with the release of the C and CC frames. I assume new colours too once the stock of the old is cleared?

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    Sorry I have a question also. I was reading Santa's website. Was 2015 the first year of multiple carbon frames? Did previous years only use CC frames?

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    You are right, end 2014/2015 is the first year of different carbon frames

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    I've been wondering about the new colors as well. I think it will be a while yet. Santa Cruz doesn't really do model years. The Bronson and Solo were on the market for about 18 months until the build kits were updated and the colors were changed.

    The current Nomad has only been on the market for 10 months so I think it could be a while yet. Too bad, I would love to buy a Nomad frame with a stock CCDBA. Santa Cruz won't sell me one without the rear shock.

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