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    Nomad to Bronson shock compatibility?

    Considering a new 650B FS bike. I own a Nomad MK2 with a DHX Air 5.0 rear shock I love rebuilt by Avalache recently.

    Can I move that shock over to a Bronson? I couldn't find the shock size info for those bikes on the SC site, but I may have missed it.

    Thanks for any feedback on this.
    Safe riding,


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    It's on the aluminum FAQ's but not the carbon for some reason.
    The Bronson uses a 7.875"x2.25" shock (200x57mm). The mounting hardware is 22x8mm (or 21.8x8mm if Rockshox).
    The nomad uses 8.5x2.5 so no go.

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    Bummer, but thanks for the info.
    Safe riding,


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    Only the new Heckler maintains SC's former shock eye to eye length standard of 8.5 X 2.5. Kind of a bummer, but cie le vie.
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