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    Looking at the 5010, questions for owners

    I've been looking around online and watching videos, I have not tried any bikes yet. So far the 5010 looks the most appealing. I'd most likely go with the "D" build (The cheapest). Its listed at $2,599 but when I checked my LBS website it showed they had them from $3,199 and up. Should I expect to pay more from the shop?

    I currently ride a Trek Marlin 5, bought it a year ago as a starter, not even sure I'd like mountain biking or stick with it. I've put over 1,000 miles on the bike so I guess that means i'll stick with it lol. The Marlin has 29 inch tires, will the 27.5 tires be able to get over rocky, root filled trails I ride with similar ease?

    One more question, I missed the last Santa Cruz demo tour but do most bike shops let you demo the bikes on trails before buying them?


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    I don't have a 5010, but I do ride a bike with 26" wheels. My friends with 29ers roll over more stuff with ease than I do. 27.5 are not that much bigger than 26. You'll just need to learn to unweight the front a little more and not just plow over things. I borrowed a 29er hardtail when i was between bikes several years ago and hated it.

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    You'd have to ask your LBS why the price difference, doesn't make sense to me. My LBS is MSRP, then usually discounted if you catch 'em on a good day (with an old bike).

    The Sektor Silver is a heavy fork, but otherwise a pretty good performer. The rest of the build is as you'd expect in that price range. A dropper is pretty important, particularly with the way the 5010 begs to be ridden.

    Most shops will let you ride around the neighborhood for free, on-trail demo is usually something you have to pay for - my shop is about a hundred bucks, then they apply it to the purchase of the bike if you go for it.

    Generally they have a demo fleet, so you don't necessarily get to take the bike you want on trail.

    I went from a 29XC bike to a 27.5AM, and got stopped on a rock one of my first rides out, over the bars, landed on my helmet. So, the rollover is definitely a real thing... but the way the smaller wheels rail through the turns is so much nicer it's worth it. Hell, I went OTB on that same trail on my 29HT the other day, sometimes things happen.

    As long as you're aware of it, it's not really a big deal. Just keep your weight back!

    I prefer the smaller wheels on techy climbs, they seem to spin up easier. On grindy fireroads the 29er is better, but still, the fun of the smaller ones (and the lower BB that comes along with it) is well worth it.
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    Make sure your LBS isn't quoting the carbon C model with the same build, the aluminum is new and some may have not it listed correctly.

    27.5 rolls over alot more than 26, I ride my old 26" trek from time to time, and it just feels weird, I can jump on a 29r and feel ok for the most part, they usually feel long and a bit slow to react.
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