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    Hey SC, how about bringing back the Nickel, now that you are owned by someone with...

    some capital. This time make it a 27.5 in carbon fiber!

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    They discontinued the Bantam and the 5010 is a big seller atm, doubt its gonna make a comeback.

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    The Nickel has just as many pivots/bearings as a VPP frame, yet it's more difficult to market a single pivot axle path for the same price. It's more expensive to manufacture than a plain single pivot.

    But yeah, I agree, it would be rad if they reissued the Nickel in 27.5. I prefer aluminum tho. The Nickel is one of my favorite SC designs.

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    id have bought one over my knolly if they made it nomad sized geo with a 66 head angle in aluminium and put a grease port on the main pivot.

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