The Heckler and BLT head angles are based on a 496mm AC fork. The Z1 on my heckler is 518. I assume that means my head angle is/was less than 69 degrees, say around 68.5 or less.

I am looking at the BLT(or even a 4X) as a possible replacement. I would throw the Z1 on the BLT for a bit or go with a AMSL@130mm(521.5AC). I imagine that would give me 68.5 degrees with the SL or slightly steeper with the Z1. It looks like that is about the same as my heckler.

Is there some kind of ratio that can be used to determine actual head angle? From what I have read in other posts, it appears 25.4mm of AC equates to 1 degree.
Am I missing something or am I right on? Throw me a bone here.

By the way, I am looking strictly at HA at the moment. I understand there are differences in wheelbase, bb height and all that jazz....